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Building Leaders at IDEal

Due to the growing demand for high quality instruction in a variety of fields, "Training the Trainers" has become an increasingly important aspect of education in today's society. There has never been a time when there was a greater demand for qualified trainers across all sectors, including corporate companies, government agencies, and non-profit groups

Our programs to teach trainers provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers all areas of training, including instructional design, delivery, evaluation, and assessment. This curriculum is provided as part of our train-the-trainer programs. Our team of knowledgeable trainers and consultants will walk participants through the process of building efficient training programs, creating course materials that are interesting and engaging, and delivering dynamic presentations that encourage learning and participation.

Participant of the program

Participants who take part in our Train-the-Trainer program will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to, among other things:

  • Design effective training programs that meet the needs of your audience
  • Deliver engaging training sessions that capture the attention of your learners
  • Evaluate training programs to measure their effectiveness
  • Develop and implement assessments to gauge learner progress

Target Audience

Investing in our Train the Trainer program is like investing into your own personal and professional growth as well as the success of your organization. It is an opportunity to advance your career and become a remarkable trainer, so making a positive impact on the lives of the people you train.

  • Educators and teachers in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions
  • Corporate Trainers and Human Resource Professionals
  • Nonprofit and NGO Staff Members Involved in Capacity Building
  • Community Development Government Officials Charged with the Development of Their Employees
  • Freelance Trainers and Consultants Seeking to Improve Their Craft
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Desiring to Strengthen Their Own Internal Capabilities as Trainers and Coaches.

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